Aims and Objectives
  • To develop as a Premier Institute for Teaching, Learning, Research and Innovation on par with leading global Institutes.
  • Collaboration and interaction with national and international universities and higher education research institutions.
  • To impart research and training to students for creating a better society with ethics and morals.
  • To publish journals and books in Persian and English, and other languages
  • To arrange conferences, seminars, workshops and lectures specially on Interdisciplinary sciences
  • To foster an interdisciplinary approach in education, research and innovation by supporting lifelong professional development, enriching knowledge banks through scientific research, promoting best practices and innovation, industry driven and institute oriented cooperation, globalization and international initiatives.
  • To conduct interdisciplinary social science research that leads to a humanist understanding of science and society
  • To establish benchmark standards in professional practice in the fields of innovative and emerging areas in arts, architecture, engineering, management, mathematics, fuzzy systems and applied and interdisciplinary
  • To conduct research in education, and especially in relationship between education and society and education and development.
  • To consequently understand education as cultural transformation
  • To articulate the philosophy of the humanization of education
  • To carry on research (including action-research) and extension work in relation to various educational problems within and outside the formal educational system, including general education of the masses;
  • To undertake, promote and assist experimentation and innovations in science and development;
  • To provide consultancy and guidance to Governments, institutions and individuals for the development;

To develop international contacts and collaborative arrangements for the study of comparative education especially in the developing countries and to collect information about innovations and experiments in the field of sciernce from other countries or as to disseminate the information to interested organizations.