About Institute

MPRH (means in English Rahpooyan Haghighat (Iranian Name) Research Center Institute) with the aim of imparting higher knowledge in Science and Technology to the aspiring all, so that they can emerge as competent scientists, engineers and technologists of repute.

MPRH Institute was established essentially to dedicate its focus on research with an interdisciplinary approach and most important on the relationship between science and applied act from various perspectives. MPRH is both a nationally and internationally acclaimed research institute.

We started international cooperating about 3 years ago, and now, we signed MoU with many Universities and Institutes in Iran, India, Russia and some other countries. We Signed MoU with School of Architecture and Environmental Design Iran Science and Technology University (Iran), Research Institute of Culture, Art and Architecture of ACECR (Iran), Training Center Governmental Administration (Iran), Russian Academy of Arts (Russia), INION (Russia), Bharath University (India), loyal institute of Technology (India), New Bee Technology Institute (India) and etc.

Our motto “International Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration to Achieve Unique Findings”.